Next generation of banking.

Manager your crypto wealth better.

Secure, manage, and exchange your crypto with the mobile security of face or fingerprint scanning.

Only you own the private keys to your digital assets.

Your keys, your crypto.

The most advanced non-custodial wallet ever created.

Buy and sell cryptocurrency from the comfort of your wallet, in seconds - no signup required.
  • You’re in control of all of your transactions and funds
  • Withdrawals are validated by Rack for added security against hackers
  • Works in any browser, on any device
Fastest payment network

Send & Receive crypto

Send and receive safely, using a QR code or address, knowing RackAI automatically checks all addresses for errors.
Rack network fees
0% Fees
On everything, including sending, receiving, uniswaping, lending and borrowing

Keep your data private

Rack mobile encrypts private keys and transaction data on your mobile device for your eyes only. Your data remains private - no registration or account setup required.

Desktop Sync

By using your 12-word backup phrase you can control your wealth on your mobile device and sync to your desktop. Exchange in seconds on your mobile device with transactions that mirror your desktop.

24/7 Human Support

We won't leave you out on your own. Exodus provides an online help desk and 24/7 customer support to get your questions answered, fast.

One-Touch Easy

Now you can trade your cryptocurrency in a few taps. Want to exchange Bitcoin for something new? Rack hides the complex details while assets are exchanged behind the scenes in seconds.

Friendly and Trusted

Rack makes it fun and easy to learn and use blockchain assets. No “tech speak” or confusing steps. Control your wealth with ease - and have fun doing it!

Always earning you an interest!

Your Rack Account is the first of it’s kind — an Ethereum address that generates interest instantly on all USD Coin and Dai balances.
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