The world's first cross-chain DeFi OS.

RackOS is a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine built on Polkadot that enables trading with access to liquidity from both CEXes and DEXes while offering lending, borrowing, staking mining through machine-driven personalized Yield Machine.

  • Trade better

    Trade at the best price with the liquidity of the entire cryptocurrency market.

  • Earn 2x more

    Earn the best return of lending, staking, and yield farming automatically.

  • 100% trust-less

    We ensure that there is no way to access your funds to make it as robust and secured as possible.

Rack Liquidity Aggregator

Operation layer hooks into all the available trading mechanisms (DEXs + AMMs, CEXs) to create a global synthetic order book, which means infinite liquidity at best prices all time

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Get liquidity both from CEXes and DEXes and AMMs

Rack allows smart lending, borrowing, staking through machine-driven Rack Yield Engine.

  • Smart Assets Management

    Risk-adjusted exposure to DeFi activities and Tokens through personalized machine-powered baskets + Auto rebalancing and reallocation based on available opportunities

  • Rack Yield Engine

    Powered by Rack Analytics, Rack's smart contracts continuously route your funds to the latest and better lending, staking and yield farming strategies.

  • DeFi bridge

    Get the best of DeFi all in through one OS via cross-chain access without individually navigating each blockchain and protocol. 

RackOS connects with all the top DeFi Protocols

  • Balancer
  • Syntethix
  • Uniswap
  • Ren finance
  • Aavelogo

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