Universal Accounts for DeFi powered by Ethereum blockchain.

Seamlessly manage, optimize and deploy your assets to get the best return across all protocols

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RackFi makes it much simpler to...

  • Lend & Earn

    Deposit assets to continuously earn variable algorithmic interest over time.

  • Perform Programs

    Easily perform complex programs like leverage, shorting, or debt switching.

  • Optimize Holdings

    Seamlessly optimize and manage your holdings across different protocols.

  • Switch Positions

    Switch positions between protocols to take advantage of rates, liquidations and more.

Perform Programs

let program = rfi.Program()

connector: "maker",
method: "open",
args: ["ETH-A"]

Our platform is open to all sizes of developers, from solo-coders to a group of hackers to globally-scaled teams to build extensible products and business models on top of Decentralized Finance with maximum security and composability.

Protocols you can building on

  • Maximize your DeFi earnings
  • Setup multiple authorities and managers
  • Save positions when price fluctuates

Frequently Asked Questions

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